Manufacturing Industry

Being a firm offering solutions like SCADAs, PLCs and DCS manufacturing industry is one of the most critical areas for our businesses. We actually understand the complexity of different manufacturing processes. We believe the systems we are offering are the best available on market. A significant number of players operating in different sectors are now making more profit and are maintaining better process safety standards with the help of our services. Those who are well informed about manufacturing do understand how risky their work is. In our view, you cannot operate your plant or equipment up to its optimum limits without investing in a fine built monitoring system. What we are offering is going to provide your operators with a chance to develop a better understanding towards what they do. We are sure – we have the right solutions available for you. Just contact us and find out more!

Waste Water Treatment

Waste water treatment is a process that involves several steps and the best way to do it is to automate it. Well – discharging contaminate water directly into the sewage systems, sea or rivers is strictly prohibited by national and international laws. Hefty fines are levied against those who fail to maintain hundred percent compliance towards the laws and rules laid by regulatory bodies.  Most of the companies consider waste water handling a nonproductive activity and that’s why they don’t really like to spend too much money in this department. Here comes our role! We are offering excellent and integrated solutions to provide you with a chance of completely automating your waste water handling systems. Our products our equally effective for industrial users who come from different segments. Whether you are in chemical business or operating a glass factory – we have solutions available.


Warehousing and Logistics

Warehousing is a field where huge amount of data is handled and processed. Each time when any one of your employees commits a mistake the entire chain or process gets under a threat. BDI Mining Corp is offering solutions for those who are facing challenges in warehouse management. With our strong and custom designed SCADA systems you could enjoy a better handing at a better pace. Not only is this but the products we are offering are capable for an easy integration with other infrastructures as well. So – now you can turn your logistics business into a foolproof and seamless one. For more information please feel free to give us a call and we will assign someone from our team to study your needs and to propose you with the best possible arrangement and at a feasible price.


Healthcare Industry

Have you ever heard about SCADA based patient monitoring systems? Well – they do exist and we are proud as we are pioneers, who started offering SCADA based solutions to the healthcare industry in this country. Patients in critical care units require vigorous and real-time monitoring. We don’t believe there is anything that can replace human professionals. However you can strengthen your systems by integrating modern solutions available. Dozens of hospitals and clinics are using our system and enjoying its benefits. For us it’s more than business as our work and innovative approaches is helping our partnering professionals and institutions in saving lives. We are still working on understanding the needs of this industry and we are sure, there is still more what we are going to offer in future! Being a responsible company we understand the dire consequences of falling short and that’s why we are offering vigorously tested and proven products only.


Power Distribution and Transmission Systems

SCADAs is considered as one of the best monitoring and management system when it comes to the power distribution and transmission ventures. Believe us – world`s largest power transmission systems are relying on SCADAs for a safe dispatch and management of electrical power. However, it does not means that a small business or an individual cannot use this technology for the management of electrical systems. In fact it works fine for everyone. Several small manufacturing firms and companies who are operating their own power plants are using this system for an effective load management. Those who are facing challenges in this regard should talk to our application engineers. We are sure we have the right solutions available for everyone. Our consultation services have always went beyond the expectation of our clients. so don’t waste your time anymore and talk to us!



Domestic & Commercial Applications

The use of SCADA is not limited to the industrial customers only. It is a technology that can be used anywhere and everywhere. Today – large shopping malls and hotels are using SCADA based centralized systems for maintaining their services in a well-tuned manner. From parking to the security and from lights to the HVAC, everything can be monitored and controlled now remotely and in a matter of a few seconds. With some additional programming you can enjoy complete automation and an even better experience. So – stop relying upon manpower alone and start increasing your output by several times. The systems we are offering are designed to save your time and money.