When we proceed to the automation of any system we need some hardware and software resources.  A perfect SCADA system cannot be formulated without the correct integration of relevant hardware and software. We as a firm operating in this sector do understand the importance of monitoring and communication devices and instruments. Whatever kind of hardware you are looking for – just contact us and we will assist you in acquiring the best available. Not only is this but now we are also offering additional services just like leasing, preventive maintenance and warranting handling of the devices being involved in the networking infrastructure of any SCADA system.

Software Systems

Here comes another very important part! Any piece of hardware cannot be used properly without getting coupled with the right software resources. BDIMiningCorp is offering its own propriety software, programs and applications for client who are using SCADA in one way or another. However – we are open for those who do have systems installed and are looking for an up-gradation. In short, you can hire us for the resolution of issues you might be facing with your existing systems. Our software engineers come with extraordinary skills and a vast experience. Most of them have qualification in both the hardware and software systems and they do understand how these two elements can be tied for the achievement of better results and goals. You can contact us for preparation of customized programs and applications also. We are open to other businesses operating in this industry for joint ventures as well.