What’s great about technology is that it is always changing and mostly changing for the better.  Worldwide, there are many companies at work looking to improve the market and developing more efficient technology. It will be a never-ending task. There are always things to improve and create to make the industrial automation industry better. What are the brains of the industry currently working on and promoting? Parasyn – engineering solution company – tells us what’s currently trending in industrial automation.


Going Wireless

As wireless technology soars, the old cables and wires serving the IIoT of most industries will go the way of the dinosaurs. Though fiber-optic cables are in popular use and demand for the past few years because of how fast it transmits information and because of how much information it can transmit, the convenience of having wireless systems is becoming a great need.  Wireless technology has the potential of enabling limitless speed and limitless users. Most industrial companies use copper wire or fiber-optic cables to facilitate their IIoT needs, but these wires will need replacing over time which is very inconvenient especially for large companies. It can be expensive due to the cost of wires, labour, and the interruption of production in their respective industry.

Though there are fears that the cost of the wireless technology implement is too high to make the changeover, the popularity of it and having several companies compete with developing wireless technology will make it cheaper over the years. There are also fears with how safe the wireless technology is with hackers jumping at the bit to attack. To allay those fears, developers of wireless technology are ever more focused on developing better wireless protection than in the past. Having the wireless system in place for automation is so convenient and easier to maintain their wire counterparts. It will make things much faster to run and monitor.


Software Technology for Better Coordination

Operational technology software and information technology software combined to work together is conducive to the success of production companies. Having all the production and manufacturing data, business data, and control systems handled by the merged software creates better efficiency and ease of control and modification when needed. Having different software for specific purposes functioning together and collaborating makes all the different bodies of an industry work together to achieve maximum productivity with little wasted energy and cost. Processes will be better organized and systematic which is the goal in all industries.


Real-time Information Readings

Optimization of processes are steadily becoming better and better due to real-time analytics. Companies can get information about their production right away and can use this knowledge to make needed improvements as soon as possible. They don’t have to wait long to make needed adjustments, and they can predict the results of the adjustments. The analyzing of data and function of machines will be on an ongoing basis to give accurate data that is up to date. Before system breakdown happens, data can be acquired warning of impending breakdown and can be maintained before any damage or too much damage happens. This can save a company in fixing costs and help them avoid too much pausing of production. If you’re looking for the best IIoT solutions for your company, check out https://www.parasyn.com.au/ and see what systems will work for you for better data acquirement and for maximum production efficiency.